Southeast Arizona-Magical Monsoon Season
July 18-25, 2020
6 Participants -  7 nights

July is a fantastic time to visit this region. The late summer monsoons bring a new shot of growth and water to the arid desert climate.  This phenomenon sparks a new season for birding in the sky islands and canyons of southeast Arizona.  This season also brings in a multitude of hummingbirds. With a little luck and current information we should be able to see a great diversity of bird species on this trip.  We will visit renown areas such as Madera Canyon, Patagonia Roadside Rest, Beatty's Feeders, Patton's Feeders, Mount Lemmon, Sweetwater Wetlands and more. Bird diversity is high this time of year with expectations for many interesting and harder to see birds. We will search for:

  • Rivoli's, Black-chinned, Broad-billed, Anna's, Violet-Crowned, Blue-throated, Costa's and Broad-billed Hummingbirds

  • Zone-tailed, Gray and Black Hawks

  • Elegant Trogan

  • Grace's, Lucy's, Red-faced and Virginia's Warblers

  • Flycatchers

  • Orioles and Tanagers

  • Nightjars

  • Sparrows 

  • and more

This trip will start on July 18, 2020. Please make arrangements to be in Phoenix, Arizona no later than 4PM. We will do some afternoon birding for specialty species after everyone is picked up from the airport before having dinner.

All accommodations will have a continental breakfast, lunch stops will mainly be lunch items brought with us (some of these may be grab and go or fast food depending on our locations) and dinners will be at restaurants near our lodging. 

Water and snacks are provided in the van if needed.

Some evenings may have an after dinner portion of the trip for those interested.

Nightjars and owl forays are optional for all members of the group. 


Accommodations are for double occupancy. A single supplement cost is added for anyone without a roommate or those that prefer a single room. 

This trip will consist of multiple hotel changes to different parts of the state. 

All ground transportation, guide services, accommodations, entrance fees, tolls, snacks and water, admissions, continental breakfast at hotel, a custom designed trip T-shirt, specialty field notes checklist and group photo are included. 

Each participant is responsible for their own meals, adult beverages, gratuities and airfare to and from Phoenix. 


Cost for this trip: $1,600.00

Single supplement:  $500.00


What to bring:

Temperatures can range from the mid 50s at night and elevation into the high 90s in this area. A rain shower is also possible. 

Sunscreen, hat, a light jacket (rain proof is best), chapstic and comfortable hiking shoes are all highly recommended.

Our hotel stays will include continental breakfast and we will make a stop at the grocery store our first night to pick up lunch supplies since some areas of the trip do not have local eateries. We will have a large Yeti Cooler for perishable items but please be considerate of other tour participants and cooler space. Fruits, Granola or meal replacement bars are great option for the field lunches.

Binoculars are a must, cameras are welcome. We will have a spotting scope but if you feel you would like to bring your own please do. You will be solely responsible for your optics. 



Try to keep things to a minimum please. We have a comfortable van but the more we have the less space there is especially when we start throwing optics in etc. 

A regular sized carry on piece of luggage and a backpack/travel bag is recommended. 


Reservations Begin October 31 at a first come, first served basis.

A deposit of 400.00 is due before May 1, 2020.

Final payment is due June 1, 2020.