Upcoming Events
Southeast Arizona
Sat, Jul 18
Sky Harbor Airport
Jul 18, 3:00 PM – Jul 25, 7:00 PM
Sky Harbor Airport, 3400 East Sky Harbor Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA
Explore the varied habitats from deserts, mountains and canyons in this incredible birding location.
Maine and the Northwoods Field Trip (1)
Mon, Jun 01
Portland International Airport
Jun 01, 3:00 PM – Jun 06, 7:00 PM
Portland International Airport, Portland, OR 97218, USA
Explore the beauty and the birds of coastal Maine and the surrounding areas with Firelands Audubon. Select you payment type below and register today.
South Florida Birding Adventure
Thu, Apr 16
Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminals 1-4
Apr 16, 9:00 AM – Apr 23, 8:00 AM
Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminals 1-4, Florida 33315, USA
Experience south Florida and all of the birdlife it has to offer!
Sax-Zim Bog
Fri, Feb 14
Osborn Metro Park
Feb 14, 7:00 AM – Feb 19, 8:00 PM
Osborn Metro Park, 3910 Perkins Ave, Huron, OH 44839, USA
Experience Minnesota blanketed in winter and the birds that tough it out!
Rio Grande Valley - Texas
Sun, Nov 10
Airport Boulevard
Nov 10, 2019, 4:00 PM – Nov 16, 2019, 8:00 PM
Airport Boulevard, Airport Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA
Join Firelands Audubon on this adventure to explore the southern tip of Texas and all the amazing birds and wildlife.
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